Seafolly has the edge in bikini battle with designer Leah Madden

Swimwear group Seafolly  has largely succeeded in its legal stoush with designer Leah Madden over plagiarism claims.

Ms Madden, who trades as White Sands, earned the ire of Seafolly after a series of inflammatory Facebook posts and emails to journalists in which she accused Seafolly of a ”ripoff” of her designs.

In November 2012, Federal Court judge Richard Tracey found Ms Madden had engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct and ordered her to pay Seafolly $25,000.

On Monday the Full Court reduced the award to $20,000 but said Ms Madden should pay 90 per cent of Seafolly’s appeal costs.

Two of the three judges found that Seafolly’s response to Ms Madden during the war of words was misleading.

While she was reckless in making her allegations, she believed that they were true, Justices Steven Rares and Alan Robinson said.

Justice Shane Marshall disagreed, saying Seafolly was entitled to defend itself to the ”unjustified claims which Seafolly would have found bewildering”.

How much compensation Seafolly should pay Ms Madden for the accusation of malice is now to be decided by Justice Tracey.

The bikini brouhaha erupted on September 1, 2010, when under the headline ”The most sincere form of flattery?”, Ms Madden posted a series of photographs comparing her collection with Seafolly’s.

”Seriously, almost an entire line-line ripoff of my Shipwrecked collection,” Ms Madden posted.

The following day, she followed up by emailing journalists the same photo comparisons. Seafolly responded with a press release alleging Ms Madden’s claims were ”completely false and without foundation” and were ”made maliciously to injure Seafolly”.

Through its lawyers, Seafolly demanded Ms Madden remove the material, apologise, and promise not to repeat the allegations.

”It would be really helpful if you could indicate where any representative of White Sands has claimed ‘copying’,” Ms Madden responded. ”I realise that others have said this, but am not aware of this word being used by anyone from White Sands. Are you referring to ‘The most sincere form of flattery?’ as this is a question, not a statement.”

A week later, Seafolly sent out a second press release, again denying Ms Madden’s allegations and pointing out that some of the allegedly copied swimsuits were in stores before White Sands’ range was released.

Tony Watson, a partner at Seafolly’s solicitors K&L Gates, said there was an existing costs order covering the original court case.

”The Full Court wholesale bikinis   has now referred the proceeding back to the trial judge to consider whether this successful aspect of Ms Madden’s appeal should in any way alter the existing order made in the trial that Ms Madden is to pay all of our client’s costs of the original trial,” he said.

15 Plus Size Lingerie Loungewear Items You Need For Every Kind Of Valentine’s Day

For many Millennials, silk slip lingerie our first memory of Valentine’s Day is probably picking out paper cards to give to everyone in our second grade class. Back then, everyone had a Valentine (or 25). But as an adult, Feb. 14 can be more complicated. Nontheless, there’s no reason why you can’t define your own alternative Valentine’s Day and that extends to the plus size lingerie you might want to wear in the bedroom come V-Day night.

I’ve never been one to do anything special when it comes to lingerie on Valentine’s Day, but as I began researching the best bra brands out there, I couldn’t help but notice how much lingerie had really evolved in plus sizes since I last looked. I saw everything from comfy oversized tees and soft robes to vinyl corsets and caged bras.

All of the lingerie and loungewear that I was seeing got me thinking about Valentine’s Day. After all, it’s a day when people of all kinds are encouraged to celebrate love — whether that be for someone special in their lives, themselves, or both.

I then started contemplating how that celebration really doesn’t have to look any one way; and that a lot of the reason why people dislike Valentine’s Day might be because they get caught up in what they think it’s to be. So I wanted to think about all of the different kinds of Valentine’s Days you can have and offer some plus size solutions for what to wear (and maybe even take off) in the bedroom.

1. When You Want To Serve Glamour Drama

Because I have a personal flair for the dramatic, I decided to start big with this over-the-top dressing gown. I don’t think there’s anything more glamorous out there. While it doesn’t explicitly come in plus sizes, the brand does make them in custom measurements. So treat yourself.

2. When You Want Sexy Lingerie But Hate Underwires

What attracted me to this red and black lace set was the fact that it looks really comfortable. The halter-style top doesn’t feature any underwire, but the red lace and black accents make it incredibly sexy.

3. When You Like Wearing Flowers More Than Receiving Them

The floral print on this Curvy Couture bra and panty set is so detailed. The way that it pairs with the lavender of the set is pretty great, too. Skip the flowers on Valentine’s Day and be your own bouquet.

4. When Your Loungewear Speaks For Itself

Remember that episode of in which Miranda ate an entire giant cookie pizza because it said “I Love You” on it? It’s not always easy to say “I love you,” so take the pressure off yourself this Valentine’s Day and just wear this instead.

5. You Want To Keep It Cute Predictable

There’s nothing wrong with wearing red, sexy lingerie on Valentine’s Day and this bustier with lace, ruffle, and boning detail is a really great way to achieve that traditional V-Day look with a modern spin.

6. When You Want Gender Neutral Comfort

I discovered TomboyX when researching the best underwear brands and I love that its pieces are made from a high-quality stretch cotton that keeps them both snug and comfy. Netflix and actual chill, anyone?

7. When You’re The Ringleader

As soon as I found this corset, I couldn’t get Britney Spears’ “Circus” out of my head, and I thought that the whole concept could make for an interesting Valentine’s Day for someone who likes to call the shots.

8. When You Want Your Lingerie Sustainable

Origami Customs makes handmade custom bodysuits and lingerie up to a size 5XL and this bodysuit is made from a soft bamboo cotton that is natural and chemical-free.

9. When You Want To Look ’90s Music Video Ready

Silk and satin pajamas will always hold a special place in my heart thanks to ’90s music videos like TLC’s “Creep.”  Why not put on some slow jams and relive some of the songs you had no idea were actually about sex when they came out?

10. When You Wear The Bow

If you love presents and gifts, feel free to express that love through lingerie and wrap yourself up in this sexy number, complete with a perfectly-placed bow.

11. When Only Something Super Soft Will Do

Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with some self love pampering or showing up at bae’s doorstep, this gown has a multitude of uses and is super soft on top of all of that.

12. When You Want Part Leather Bodysuit Part Body Harness

I’m all for leather and body harnesses in fashion and lingerie, so the combination of those two elements is really great to me.

13. When You’re More Lace Than Leather

I am obsessed with Chubby Cartwheels’ lace bodysuits that designer Shawna showcases on visibly plus size models. This makes a great day-to-night look, too.

14. When You Wish V-Day Was A Summer Holiday

There’s a lot of really cute lingerie out there that doesn’t fall into the “Dark Romance” territory, so why not wear something that actually looks like a romper you might don in the summer?

15. When You Know There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Single

If you’re single this Valentine’s Day, you’re probably smart enough to know that being single isn’t a bad thing and definitely no reflection of your worth. Celebrate your self love with this comfy tee and buy yourself some chocolates, girl.

There’s no silk slip lingerie requirement for what plus size babes should wear on Valentine’s Day. If you want to be sexy, do it. If you want to be comfy, go for it. And if you want to both, you can make that work, too. Just show yourself some love and be true to you.

I Tried Cheap Versus Expensive Underwear For A Week Here’s What Happened 

When it comes to silk slip lingerie choosing your underwear, there are a weird amount of things to consider. Especially for something that’s not really seen for the majority of the day, it’s crazy to imagine how varied the prices can get. Just how much more magical can those $200 pair of panties be than your equally-as-cute $5 lace boy shorts? Will those undies that were spun from the finest silk, intricately crocheted for a year, and blessed three times over from the fancy underwear gods really give your bottom that indescribable experience to push you to conquer the day? I figured it was about time I found out.

For this experiment, I wanted to go about it from a practical and functional perspective, so I decided to rule out the sexy lingerie. Lingerie is a little more rooted in the aesthetic and a different type of undergarment experiment altogether. And since lingerie wouldn’t necessarily be something you’d wear every day, I stuck with the classic bikinis, hipsters, thongs, and granny panties.

Now when it comes to my underthings, I aim to spend a reasonable amount of money on quality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. For an all-around average pair, (again, excluding lingerie), the max I’d go is about $15. So far it’s worked for me comfort-wise, and those pairs have lasted me a decent amount of time and weren’t destroyed after the first wash.

So for a week, I alternated days going both lower and higher than my usual underwear price range. Here’s what happened.

In my quest for the pricier panties, I first paid a visit to an old friend that’s been with me since the beginning of my awkward undergarment high school days — Victoria’s Secret. I wanted to see what they had going on other than their nifty little 2 for $25 deals that I usually flock to. I asked one of the associates what the most expensive pair they carried at the moment was.

To my surprise, one of the pairs that the young woman brought me looked nothing like the form-fitting, extravagant lace undies I had already started picturing in my head. Instead, she showed me these, with which I obviously had to start my experiment…

Sunday: Expensive Lace ShortiesFloral Lace Shortie, $25, Victorias Secret

These were some sort of cross between makeshift sleep shorts, decked-out Granny panties, and those Elizabethan puffy pants the dudes used to wear. Just a bit of a resemblance, don’t you think?

Putting them on, I wasn’t quite sure if I was supposed to hike them up or let them hang low from my waistline. These were a size small, but they felt super big and airy. I decided the most fitting outfit to wear these with would be a high-waisted skirt because anything else would have made it look like something very strange was happening in my pants.

silk slip lingerie

Actually, aside from the fact that they were so big, it didn’t really feel like I was wearing anything. When I feel the material on my skin, it felt nice and the elastic didn’t pinch me and leave any marks. These should be worn with either a skirt or a dress, though; they bunched up in all the weird places when I tried them on with a pair of jeans.Monday: Cheap Seamless PantiesWhite Seamless Panties | Under $5

Turns out, I did have a few older pairs stashed away from previous hasty purchases, which have mostly become my designated safety period underwear. Well yeah OK, except for these white ones. I can’t remember where they came from, and I honestly rarely wear them. But, for the purposes of this experiment, I decided to pull them out again.

Channeling those Calvin Klein vibes with a cheap ass underwear mirror selfie? I figured I’d wear these with my boyfriend jeans. And while seamless underwear is supposed to look and feel like you aren’t wearing anything, these were a slightly different story. The cut was a little off, which made the front part ride up my V at super uncomfortable moments throughout the day. Especially because these boyfriend jeans are a looser fit, this allowed that front part to move around as it pleased. I was reminded of why these remained at the bottom of my drawer among the emergency pairs. I was so looking forward to what was to hopefully be a more comfortable day with tomorrow’s expensive pair.

I threw them out, by the way.

This was the second pair that the woman at Victoria’s Secret brought out for me. Way closer to what I was expecting when I first asked, although I was a little surprised that this was the most expensive pair of underwear they carried. Apparently, they had some pair during the holidays that ran for a hefty $70, but year-round, their pricier normal underwear averages to about $25. (Again, not counting their lingerie ensembles.)

At first glance, with all the frills and lace and weird strappy things adorning the panties, I was a little worried this would be bad news for my bottom all day. I threw on these baggier pants just for comfort’s sake and set forth on my Tuesday. In my experience with busy underwear like this pair, all sorts of wedgies and chafing and bizarre pinching in places I never even thought about would occur. But this time, I’ve got to say that the material was super soothing on my skin and the cut was just right — so no lace, sequins, and straps riding up my bum either.

Wednesday: Cheap Lace Thong

I’m pretty sure I also found this pair in some discounted bin in the checkout aisle of some store as a last minute bargain-buy. Cause ya know, they looked nice and they were so cheap. Ugh. No. Never . It was difficult to feel any sort of sexy when I constantly had to readjust them and do the uncomfortable-underwear-dance. You know the one I’m talking about.

I guess this was another one of those pairs that I had stashed away and never really thought about because while wearing them, I have no idea I held onto them for this long. They gave me a massive wedgie that never went away, and I could literally the cheap quality of the lace because I was itching like crazy by midday. At least juxtaposed with the nicer pair I wore the day before, I felt a dramatic difference.

Like seamless panties, thongs are my usual go-to for more activewear/tighter pants as they give off the same no-underwear effect. But these cheap little knickers made themselves known with every damn movement I made. It was awkward to crouch down, sit, and just walk like a respectable human, as I had a wad of lace obnoxiously making its way into all sorts of unwanted areas down there.

Thursday: Expensive Lace Bikini BriefSo as I was heading out of Victoria’s Secret with my two new panties, on the prowl for a ridiculously over-priced purchase, I caught sight of a little shop a little further down Fifth Avenue in New York City. Though advertised as London lingerie stylists, I figured I’d give Rigby Peller a try to see what they could offer a girl pretending she had money to spend on a normal, slightly more expensive pair of undies. Upon entering the store, I was immediately greeted by Morgan, one of the lingerie stylists, who was super enthused to tell me all she knew about the different brands they carried… which was a lot.

Stella McCartney Smooth Lace Bikini Briefs, $35, Rigby and Peller

She ushered me from section to section of the store, showing me everything from the $200 pairs to the $15 sale items. Of the more expensive pairs, she certainly had beautiful things to say in terms of the process and care put into crafting them. From graphic lace to glossy piping to specific temperatures required — I definitely left the store with a newfound respect for the art of lingerie. Because it really is an art. I finally settled on these Stella McCartney bikini briefs, as they seemed a more realistic choice for something I would wear for the day.

Unlike the day before’s horror story panties, these fit nice and snug and felt great to move around in. I paired them with my black skinny jeans to put them to the ultimate test. The smooth piece in the front made for a super luxurious feel and the lace in the back cushioned my booty very lovingly.

Thumbs up for the crouch-test. I’d even go so far as to say that these would do just as well for more activewear. If I wasn’t worried about maintaining them and keeping them spiffy, that is.

Puma Ladies Laser Cut Sport Hipster, $3, Costco

Cheap Seamless Hipsters — a new pop-punk band? At any rate, these Puma hipsters were the bomb dot com. When paying me a little visit, my mother unloaded a Santa sacks-worth of Costco goodies after one of her many warehouse shopping sprees. Among these treasures was this nifty 3-pack of Puma underwear. Bless my mother, Costco, and its food samples for always having my back. Or in this case, my bum.

These were comfortable and just as a seamless pair of underwear should be. I wore these looser olive-green pants, and while I was running around the office all day, I felt more weightless and pixie-like than my girl Tinkerbell ever could. They were snug, didn’t reveal any lines, and stayed put in both the front and back — totally wedgie-free and wonderful. Once again, my mother and Costco came through with these bargain deals.

silk slip lingerie

Saturday: Expensive Lace ThongEuropean Boutique Lace Thong | Around $100

OK, so this was a pair that happened to be a gift because, as mentioned, I just would never spend this amount of money on normal underwear. I was visiting family in Spain, and a close family friend of ours had come back from Paris and casually bought us ladies a pair of designer underwear each. As one does, right? When I found out how much they approximately cost, I was way too paranoid to wear them. I felt like I had to stow them away in some glass display case, as they’d fall apart with one touch of my reckless fingers.

So anyway, I pulled silk slip lingerie them out from my “special” drawer for those “special” occasions — wink wink — and decided to pair ‘dem triple figure panties with some white denim. After going a week fluctuating between cheap and expensive and comfortable and uncomfortable, these weren’t anything out-of-this-world, considering the price. They certainly felt sleek and sexy and all that, but the little bows in the back made for a bit of an irritating feeling by the end of the day. I was relieved to take them off; I think I’ll keep saving them for those “special” occasions. The Verdict[Embed]Price doesn’t always dictate quality. As proven by the cheap pair of Puma panties, cheaper underwear can look and feel just as amazing as the pricier pairs. Having said that, it’s always good to do a little research and take extra care reading those labels to ensure that you buying decent quality. Underwear is not something I’d advise buying “just any old kind,” especially after this little experiment comparing those very different pairs day by day.

9 Reasons A Lingerie Shoot Can Be Body Positive 

As a body pos-focused silk slip lingerie writer, one thing I often hear from critics regarding some of the community’s methods is that you don’t have to be naked to be body positive. You don’t have to wear fatkinis or partake in a plus size lingerie shoot. You don’t have to show the world your stretch marks or cellulite in high-res detail. You don’t have to take your clothes off at all. To that I say: Of course you don’t to. But you definitely if you so choose. And one of my personal favorite methods of utilizing nudity (or partial nudity) for body positivity is through a lingerie shoot, sans Photoshop.

In her essay on The Expose Project, activist Jes M. Baker of The Militant Baker began with a question, “When was the last time you opened up your browser and saw a beautiful image of a body shape that looked just like yours?” Accompanying 98 photos of un-retouched bodies of all sizes, she later wrote, “So much of the female body that we see is pushed up. Pinned down. Sucked in, tucked in, and airbrushed. Its  presentable state is when it’s altered, and so when we look at ourselves in the mirror (naked, untucked, and vulnerable) we say, ‘My body must be wrong.'”

is where the power of nudity in the body pos community lies: In its ability to relate, to inspire, and to incite change. Here are nine reasons why doing a lingerie shoot can sometimes be a means to empowerment.

1. It Provides People With Images Of Bodies That Look Like TheirsThis is essentially what Baker was discussing in her blog post. Partaking in a lingerie shoot and sharing those images publicly — be it through social media or your own personal blog or even just with your friends and acquaintances — means you’re adding just a little dose of representation to that person’s day.

It can be exhausting (not to mention quite inducing of self deprecation) to flick through the channels on the TV, the pages of a magazine, or the shows on your Netflix subscription, and not see a single relatable body. In a culture where 80 percent of Fashion Week runway models are still white, slender women and award shows still focus on celebrating white, slender actors, you can begin to feel alienated if you aren’t a white, slender person. But if you then come across a world of social media filled with images of humans who  look like you — and they’re being fearless and unapologetic in their underwear — well, maybe you can feel just a little bit less alone.

2. You Get A Chance To See Your Body From Different Angles[Embed]I’m willing to bet that most of us see our bodies in two different ways: The “looking down” angle when we’re just going about our lives on a day to day basis, and the straight-on mirror angle. But there’s a lot more to your body than what you see when you’re sitting at your desk or sweeping past the mirror after taking a ridiculously fast shower in order to catch a morning train.

When you do a lingerie shoot, you often end up with images that reflect the angles you’re not quite as familiar with. Maybe you’ll become reacquainted with your rump and back boobs. Maybe you’ll remember you have a really cute mole on the side of your torso. Maybe you’ll see your wobbly bits from new heights. Maybe you’ll discover that you have more of a butt than you ever thought.

Whatever the outcome — and whatever you do or don’t notice about your body — you’ll have had the chance to see yourself in a way that others might often be privy to, but that you might never have paused to consider the beauty in.

3. And You Get A Chance To Spend Time With Your Almost-Naked BodyNudity can be a pretty beautiful thing, hence why centuries or decades later, we’re still fascinated by the paintings of Peter Paul Rubens or Salvador Dalí’s transition into nude photography and film. In real life, however, there aren’t many opportunities to see yourself reflected through someone else’s lens. Nor are there that many opportunities to spend time with your own naked or semi-naked body outside of a sexual situation.

I’m a big proponent of spending time with your unclothed bod. Oftentimes, clothing in and of itself can serve as a kind of body positive barrier. If your body is plus size, for example, you might feel like the clothes designed for you are often rooted in the desire to hide your rolls. If you’re a non-binary person, you might feel like the very categories used to sell clothing (men’s versus women’s) are alienating. But if you’re in lingerie of your choosing and in a space in which you feel comfortable, you might just feel like you’re presenting yourself in exactly the way you want in that moment.

4. If Your Body Deviates From The “Aspirational Beauty” Trope, It A Radical ActionThere’s a lot of debate as to whether posing in bikinis or underwear when you’re fat or an otherwise not-widely-accepted body type is a “brave” action or not. I’d like to believe that someday it won’t be. I’d like to believe that someday a woman wearing clothes that don’t hide her stretch marks or post-baby body or visible belly outline will just be normal — because it’s for bodies to change as we grow older, and it’s for bodies to come in different sizes.

At the moment, though, we’re not being presented with normal. We’re being presented with aspirational. The media thrives off of articles and television shows and beauty products that are meant to help you change. But isn’t that a terrifying concept? Change your weight, change your skin color, and change your clothes until you’re just one more drone in a homogenized bubble of bodies that all look like you. Yay?

Posing in a lingerie shoot is a reminder that you don’t  to change. I don’t believe we should spend every day beating ourselves up for not being at our personal “ideal,” nor should we let society dictate what our ideal should be.

5. We Need To De-Stigmatize Female NudityIt shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone to hear that the female body is attached to quite a bit of stigma. As Bustle’s own Kylie Cheung wrote when analyzing the Free The Nipple movement:

“What would happen if society took all the energy it wastes being outraged by the female nipple and focused it on a discussion about the systemic misogyny this outrage is rooted in? Ultimately, this is the answer Free The Nipple protests are searching for, and you can’t say that isn’t a productive way to spend their time.”

From nipples to periods to giving birth, people are grossed out and troubled by the female body and its natural state . I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in conversation with a male friend or acquaintance about sexuality or anatomy, only for them to change the topic with a muffled “ew” and a, “Why are women’s bodies so nasty?” remark.

Here’s the thing: A lot of things are bodies do gross. But that doesn’t mean they’re . Posing in a lingerie shoot is a way of remembering that despite all those weirdnesses, there’s nothing to be ashamed about.

silk slip lingerie

6. Nudity Doesn’t Have To Be Oppressive Or SexistI was looking through the comments on a recent video I was in (seriously, never read the comments), and encountered one by a dude who wrote, “Wahh! I’m so oppressed! So here’s a photo of me in my underwear!” The thing is, there are times when nudity is oppressive, and there are times when it isn’t. Sometimes nudity is used under the “sex sells” umbrella. Sometimes it’s used to exploit women. Sometimes it’s used for incredibly non body positive reasons. But that doesn’t mean nudity is inherently sexist or oppressive.

By choosing to be in a lingerie shoot, you’re doing a simple act to reclaim your femininity and your body overall. Sure, you might pose a little sexy because feel like doing so. Or you might feel detached from sex entirely. No matter how or why you’re posing, though, you might just end up feeling pretty liberated for utilizing nudity in a way of your choosing that isn’t tied to selling things or turning people on. And that’s a pretty body positive thing to do.

Ultimately, women should be allowed to feel sexy without being branded as promoting sexist ideals, because then we’ve just let a lot of those sexist ideals about women having to always look their best for all the men in the world steal something from us.

7. The Importance Of Showing That You Can Have A “Different” Body Still Be SuccessfulIn her essay on giving up weed for a month, Bustle’s own Rachel Krantz wrote, “It is important to me that I be ‘out’ as a weed smoker  a successful woman on a platform like Bustle, because I think it is ridiculous that this drug is still stigmatized when it is clearly so much less dangerous than drinking.” So how does this relate to lingerie?

Personally, I think it’s quite important for me to be “out” as a fat, body positive woman in public spaces. People need to know that doing things like taking ownership of their bodies and posing in lingerie won’t automatically make them come across as less professional. They need to know that it won’t necessarily be perceived as some kind of slutty act and lead to their downfall. They need to know that it possible to believe that lingerie selfies are radical or fun and still be taken seriously as humans.

8. It’s A Reminder That Sexy Is For All SizesWhether you participate in a lingerie shoot that is meant to have a sexy tone to it or one that is just for the fun of it, that shoot is likely going to help at least one person who sees it realize that the word “sexy” isn’t about body type. If more women of more sizes had the experience of shooting in lingerie and then sharing those photos, then more women of more sizes might think, “Hey, if I think she looks sexy and she has a similar body type to me, then maybe I’m sexy too.”

9. It’s An Unexpected Form Of Self CareA lot of people look at images like all of the above, and tell me how confident and happy I look. In her open letter to “the person running [her] Instagram,” Bustle’s Olivia Muenter asked her Instagram self, “So maybe you can tell me, because you seem to have the answers — what’s it like to not have anxiety? To not lie awake for four hours before you finally fall asleep. To not be so painfully, physically restless — so full of worry that you feel like your mind won’t stop racing.” She taps into something most of us living in this digital age who use social media frequently have probably experienced: The divide between the happy photo we’re posting on Instagram and the actual feelings and experiences we’re having IRL.

As someone who experiences bouts of anxiety and depression (neither of which is rooted in this ridiculous belief that all fat women must inherently be miserable deep down) more regularly than I’d like to, it’s important for me to find little things that can temporarily relieve those feelings. In the three years that I’ve been blogging and writing publicly, photography — and especially lingerie shoots — has served as one of these “little things.”

If I look happy in these photos, it’s because I in the moment they were taken. Maybe I spent hours the night before crying in my drained bathtub or maybe I listened to Adele on loop one too many times on the subway that morning. But in the moment — hell, yeah. I was pretty happy.

There’s something silk slip lingerie about shooting in lingerie that’s vulnerable and raw. Not only can you see yourself from new perspectives, but sometimes you can see your life — even if only for the couple of minutes or hours you’re in front of a camera — from a new perspective, too. Shooting in lingerie is about exploring new angles, new ideas, and new ways of thinking about your body. In that moment, a lot of your cares and concerns might just float away — which means you have a clear mind with which to consider how to preserve the feeling once the lens cap is back on.

Another Day, Another Video of Kylie Jenner Posing in a Black Bikini

In the world of the silk slip lingerie Kardashians, a two-piece swimsuit is considered to be a full-fledged ensemble, and considering the majority of their going out looks typically consist of little more than a bandeau stretched across their bust and lap, they’re not exactly wrong. So when a new bikini enters Kylie Jenners life, there’s really only one way to celebrate its arrival, and that’s with a mirror selfie and a hair flip, naturally.

Much like how in the Plastics only wore pink on Wednesdays, so Kylie exclusively wears bikinis, just instead of only putting them on on Wednesdays its actually every single day. So naturally, it being yet another day in the week, the teen hopped on Instagram to show off her hump day finest, posting a short video in which she records herself adjusting the strap of her black bikini in the mirror and shaking out her hair so that it partially covers her face and shoulders.

Alas, a time comes in every woman’s life when she is forced to don actual, non-swim related apparel and join the rest of society in their conventional conceptions of what constitutes a legitimate outfit.

But as we said before, silk slip lingerie the KarJenners aren’t most people. Kylie stepped out to support her friend Jordyn Woods on Wednesday night, with her boyfriend Tyga in tow, wearing the next best thing to nothing at all, a nude, skintight, off-the-shoulder mini dress. But as we pointed out on Monday, this summer is all about finding new ways to ventilate her looks and realizing things, of course. Always realizing things.

The Lingerie Industry Had Its Own Oscars This Week… Seriously

You may think silk slip lingerie you know everything about awards season, but here’s a fashion industry secret: There’s an Oscars-esque awards ceremony for the lingerie industry. The Femmy Awards took place this past weekend to celebrate lingerie designers and brands, and though the ceremony’s winners may not have gained as much attention as Best Actor Matthew McConaughey and Best Actress Cate Blanchett, the recipients appeared to be just as excited.

Like other industry awards shows, the Femmys distribute accolades based on success in and contributions to the business — with the only difference being that the “business” is intimate apparel. Awards are doled out for Lifetime Achievement, Innovation, and Manufacturer of the Year to recipients. Though you may not recognize their names, these are the designers and brands who are responsible for that lucky pair of skivvies, or the incredibly comfy pajamas you live in during the winter. Jockey International was a notable honoree this year, and past recipients have included top labels like Cosabella, Frederick’s of Hollywood, and Elle Macpherson.

silk slip lingerie

Though the Femmys may not seem as relevant as other fashion industry events, the gala is in fact a charitable event which makes significant contributions to the fashion industry and future designers. The gala is spearheaded by the Underfashion Club, which seeks to keep the intimates industry going strong by teaching future industry leaders, providing scholarships to those who wish to break into the industry, and recognizing those who have had success in intimate apparel. The club’s motto, “Education Today for a Better Industry Tomorrow”, echoes the CFDA’s objective of identifying, training, and encouraging young talent for maximum industry productivity.

Though the gala silk slip lingerie wasn’t quite as star-studded and glitzy as the Oscars, and the only designers being name dropped were Elle Macpherson and Maidenform, we’ll cheer on anyone who celebrates fashion education and designs a fabulously comfortable set of lingerie.


2014’s Craziest Lingerie — Because These 7 Items Prove That Bedroom Fashion Got Weird This Year

Sex sells. Isn’t that the silk slip lingerie go-to advertising mantra? Well, it’s true. Seduction is a big business in America, with nearly 12 billion of our hard earned dollars being exchanged for sassy nightwear in 2013. Bras, panties, teddies, negligees — you name it, we bought it. With big brands like Victoria’s Secret on the cusp on world domination, one rhinestone bra and matching wing at a time, the multi-billion dollar industry will surely continue to grow. And you know what? More power to the people. There are enough things in this world that make us feel less than fabulous, but our lingerie shouldn’t be one of them! So, if you want to bring sexy back (here’s looking at you JT), you go right ahead and hand over your dollar bills to Victoria. OK, that admittedly came out wrong, but you get the idea.

In addition to the world’s largest lingerie brand, there are quite a few other players who know how to fancy up an under garment, or over garment if you know what i’m saying. La Perla, a staple in the wardrobe of everyone’s favorite Upper East-sider, Blair Waldorf, Journelle, Kiki De Montparnasse and Agent Provocateur all have sexy, sassy and super feminine down to a science, which is cause for gratitude. Good lingerie serves many a worthy purpose, but, more importantly, is truly appreciated when compared to satin and lace gone all sorts of wrong. Ladies, if there is one lesson we can impart on one another it is that when lingerie gets crazy, it can get awkward real fast.

I promise you, there are endless lingerie options out there that will make you feel sexy, but it may be a good idea to steer clear of some of the craziest pieces of the year. I want you to wear whatever brings out your inner, empowered bombshell; it’s just that, in my opinion, your bombshell may protest certain items for the greater good. Each of us should have that one friend we can take into the dressing room and shamelessly force to give their opinion on our bedroom attire. In the case you don’t have anyone to protest on your behalf, I’ll shout out for you now.

1. THE BODYSTOCKINGFirst of all, this seems like all sorts of uncomfortable. I don’t even like wearing regular, leg-only stockings, never mind one that covers the entire body. The bodystocking feels like an overtly sexy, risqué option in the land of photoshop, but in realm of your real life bedroom it’s more likely you may end up in a Ross Gellar-wearing-leather-pants scenario. Full body anything is hard to pull off and probably even harder to get off.

2. THE OPEN FRONT TEDDYI am all for a little sex appeal and am never one to judge. You do you, girl. But, open front teddies? At this point, why are you wearing anything? There is more ribbon on a Christmas package than on your body when you tie yourself into one of these. The open front teddy surprisingly comes in many varieties, criss-cross patterns and materials, all equally ridiculous. Plus, this lingerie gives it all away up front! So you look like a package but there is seriously nothing left to unwrap. Essentially you are paying money to be naked when you could do that for free!

3. THE PLAYSUIT Did you think it was possible to find lingerie made from material than the open front teddy? Oh, my friend, it’s true. The playsuit uses no material at all, only draping chains. The fact that this item’s description uses the word may be the craziest trend of all, considering it is more like oversized jewelry. Also, it’s highly probable that this bedroom ensemble is unflattering on 99 percent of body types, requires assistance to get into and could very well become hazardous when it’s time to get busy.

4. THE CAGE BACK PANTYIn other, “Why are you wearing anything at all?” news, I bring you, cage back underwear. Panties have really progressed over the years, becoming cute little lingerie pieces with back bows and sexy silhouettes. However, cage back underwear takes the V-String to the next level, with a grid like pattern of skinny fabric that could easily slip into all the wrong places. Also, it is hard enough to worry about one or two booty bumps or bulges in traditional lingerie, let alone how our junk looks in an elastic cage trunk.

5. THE SHELF BRAWhere does one even begin when discussing lingerie that fully exposes the ta-tas yet ensures extremity warmth with fancy, over-the-elbow gloves? In the words of Gwen Stefani, this trend is B-A-N-A-N-A-S. While the particular ensemble we see here takes the cake, there was no shortage of bras in the market this year that left our boobs flapping in the breeze; if lingerie that provides zero coverage can even be categorized as a brazier. I think it is better labeled as a boob sling, a crazy trend that, again, likely does not make the boobs of America look bedroom runway ready.

6. THE CAT INSPIRED LINGERIEYou guys, I am not telling you anything you don’t know when I say that cats are a thing. Personally I prefer dogs, but I can admit that cats are all the rage. Grumpy Cat made millions (yes, dollars) this year and Taylor Swift’s famous feline duo is more recognizable than a majority of the human population. To add to matters, cat-inspired lingerie is now a thing. Besides all the obviously gross jokes one could make, there is just something strange about your skivvies resembling your cat.

7. THE MAN THONGOh no, no. Not even the men of the world are left out of the crazy lingerie recap. Gender equality and all, right? While I am a huge advocate of “anything you can do I can do too,” some things are just bizarre. Men’s lingerie is absolutely one of those things, especially when that lingerie is “animal pouches.” It’s like a weird down under hand puppet. JUST, NO.

Need I say more? silk slip lingerie After all, a picture is worth a thousand words and that last photo could be a novel. Get your sexy on in the new year ladies, by all means. Just choose carefully!

How To Pick Out Lingerie That You’ll Actually Love

When it comes silk slip lingerie to knowing how to pick out the best lingerie for yourself, the pressure offinding something that’ll feel good while you’re wearing it and fit your specific style preferences can make fora headache-filled shopping nightmare. You might worry you’re wearing the wrong lingerie pieces if something fits funny or you feel uncomfortable. And if you’re buying lingerie for the first time, venturing down the crazy lingerie rabbit hole could makeyou question everything you thought you knew about bras and underwear.

But contrary to the so-called laws of ‘sexy’ undergarments, sexiness doesn’t have to be measured by the amount of lace youwear, skin you reveal, or padding you flaunt. After all, a woman’sultimate beauty derives itself from the three C’s — confidence, comfort, andthe courage to be her fine ass self. So when choosing the right lingerie foryou, really be honest with yourself byunderstanding what your body feels most comfortable wearing. So, how do you really know enough about your lingerie to make the buy?

Whetherits lace or seamless, underwire or unpadded — its the right fit unless you and your body feel comfortable and happy while wearing it. Here are nine signs to look out for when choosing your lingerie. Though Beyoncé may be right about many things, pretty shouldnt have to hurt.

1. When You’re Constantly Readjusting Fidgeting With Small Fabric Bits, Try Higher-Coverage Pieces That Don’t Sacrifice StyleWacoal Embrace Lace Bra (Sizes 32B-38DDD), $20-$90, Amazon

Whether you’re looking for extra support or just want some more all around coverage, a full coverage bra like this semi-sheer contour bra is great for holdin’ all the goods while providing a nice natural shape — especially if you’re not about that push-up life. It’s so easy to pair with your favorite bottoms, so you can create the comfiest, cutest lingerie ensemble on your own. Plus, you can check out this scalloped floral piece in 14 other color pairings.


High Waist Undies With Stretchy Lace Detailing

Wacoal Bodysuede Lace Waist Brief Panty (Sizes 6-10), $15, Amazon

For your bottoms, you can opt for some high waisted brief panties like these lace waist briefs. The nylon, spandex, and sewn-in cotton panel make for a super comfy wear that’s still sexy, and hugs you nice and comfortably. And yes, sexy ‘granny’ panties are definitely a thing.

2. When Your Light-Coverage Lingerie Isn’t Giving You The Lift You Want, Try Demi BrasMontelle Intimates Flirt Demi Lace Bra (Sizes 34A-36E), $44, AmazonFor a comfortable bra that adds a little boost without creating a weird gap, look no further. Demi bras are one of the easiest ways to get an enhanced shape for a small bust. Their tilted cups push the breasts toward the center instead of up the way that heavy padding does. See you never, awkward gaps.

3. When Thongs Dig Into Your Hips (But You Love Wearing Them), Snag One With A Wider Band Calvin Klein Stretch Lace Thong Panty (Sizes S-L), $9, Amazon

If you’re team thong/g-string but you like comfortable coverage, try pairing these lace thong panties with any one of the variety of different coverage bra styles. Play with all of the six color combinations to get the lingerie look you want — and the coverage you feel comfortable in.4. When Sleeping In Your Lingerie Irritates Your Skin, Opt For Chemises With Breathable FabricsMINKPINK Women’s Save Tonight Nightie Chemise (Sizes XS-L), $22-$42, Amazon

You’ve gotta let that beautiful body of yours Especially if you have sensitive skin and want to avoid any unwanted chafing, itching, pinching, etc. — look for fabrics like rayon (or viscose). They’re soft, breathable, and can come in super fun patterns like MINKPINK’s hex-shaped mixed pattern print.

…Or If You’re More Relaxed With Length, Bring The Silkiness Past Your KneeN Natori Peony Bouquet Gown (Sizes XS-XL), $58, Amazon

Who says lingerie always has to be so short and minimal? N Natori’s bouquet gown adds a little more of an elegant flare with its added length, in addition to a bright design to keep it light.

5. When Your Lingerie Feels Too Modern, Seek Out A Revamped Vintage Feel With A Longline Balconette Bra

Cleo Breeze Longline Balconnette (Sizes 30D-38H), $52-$62, Amazon

Inspired by the vintage pinup style of the ’50s, longline bras make for a classier and more delicate feel than your average bra, and they can also provide ample coverage. Made with stretchier fabrics and more movable underwire, they offer great support, and are a nice alternative to the classic push-up.

6. When Weird Padding Makes Your Boobs Uncomfortable, Go UnlinedSmart Sexy Signature Lace Unlined Underwire Bra (Sizes 32C-42DDD), $10, Amazon

Whether you want to keep it natural, or you just don’t want to go for all the padding and push-ups, try an unlined bra to eliminate any unwanted bulk.

7. If You Want to Dress Up (Without Actually Putting Much Effort In), Silk Chemises Are Your FriendCinema Etoile Satin Chemise Slip (Sizes S-XL), $6-$22, Amazon

You can still get your sexy on and keep it subtle with the classic silk slip. No frills, lace, buttons, or sequins to get in your way of feeling free and fabulous. Plus, one reviewer said the slip is so comfy, she’d even wear it on its own as a slip dress.8. If You’re Comfiest In A Short Set But Think Yours Are Too Casual, Dress Them UpBetsey Johnson Washed Satin Short Set (Sizes XS-L), $23-$22, Amazon

Maybe you like the fuller coverage and free-flowing element of the slips and chemises, but you’re tied to your favorite PJ shorts. Well, FYI: PJ shorts can still be very sultry. Betsey Johnson’s matching short set adds a subtly sexy eyelash lace and bow, and an elastic band that makes for a very cute comfortable fit. How adorable is that back?

..Or Keep Your Short Set Simple With Thoughtful DetailingSteve Madden Eyelash Lace Short Set (Sizes S-L), $58, Amazon

This Steve Madden short set offers the same coverage with a more straightforward design. Just as cute, though!9. When You’re Not Seeing The Lift You Want Up Top Your Bottoms Aren’t Giving You Comfortable Coverage, Upgrade ThemLunaire Santorini Seamless Lace Underwire Bra and Hipster Set (Sizes 34C-34DDD), $45, Amazon

If you’re not silk slip lingerie a fan of the push-up and thong combo, but you definitely dig the look and feel of the push-up, try a nice lace push-up with a pair of matching hipsters to go. It’ll offer just the right amount of balanced coverage, and the thin, flexible wire offers the needed support to cups for that extra boost.

Bluestockings Boutique Released A Body Positive Trans-Inclusive Lingerie Lookbook

In its latest body positive silk slip lingerie and trans-inclusive lookbook, the LGBTQIA+-focused lingerie retailer Bluestockings Boutique is challenging beauty standards by creating an alternative narrative to the mainstream lingerie shoot, which more often than not features straight-size, white, and cisgender women. With the exception of some gender non-conformist brands, people who identify outside of the gender binary are regularly left out of fashion ads, let alone ones focused specifically on lingerie. That’s why the LGBTQIA+ imagery created by Boston-based Bluestockings Boutique owner Jeanna Kadlec is so important.

The recent lookbook, released in two parts on its blog, took four months to put together, Kadec tells me via email. She started by finding the photographer, makeup artist, location, and models through a survey process. They were asked how they identified in terms of gender and sexual orientation (if they felt comfortable answering, of course), how they would describe their everyday style, and what kind of undergarments they usually wear.

Once the model call was put out on social media, Kadec says people started volunteering by the dozens. From there, it was a matter of selecting individuals with diverse looks who had flexible schedules. Kadec was looking to have models that were all Boston-based and LGBTQIA+ identified, and within that she wanted at least one woman of color, one person who identified as plus size, one trans or non-binary individual, and one real life couple. Both the photographer Michelle Davidson-Schapiro and makeup artist Mathieu Vetere are also LGBTQIA+ identified.

silk slip lingerie

Kadec worked with each model individually to collaborate on their styling. “They told me about what they liked to wear every day, because I didn’t want to put anyone in something they wouldn’t wear otherwise,” Kadec says.

In an industry like fashion, where it seems like individuality is only encouraged if you are the one designing the clothes, there’s something very refreshing about a brand ensuring that models’ authentic selves can really shine through in a lookbook.

All of the six models volunteered for the shoot because they wanted to see people like themselves represented. The group fulfilled the requirements that Kadec had set out looking for.

With the exception of a small bruise on one of the models’ legs (because a bruise is a temporary mark rather than something permanently a part of a person), none of the models’ bodies have been altered or edited in Photoshop in any way either. The photographer detailed her process for selecting photos on the Bluestockings blog, and there’s no doubt that putting together such a shoot was a big undertaking for the independent company.

In her email interview, Kadec tells me why she feels this shoot really matters:

“You can’t be what you can’t see. I firmly believe this. In fashion, it’s easy to give lip service to representation, but representation is not an idea. It’s a practice. In the lingerie world, a photo shoot like this — an entirely queer photo shoot, with this kind of range of representation (feminine to masculine, androgynous, gender-fluid people, trans-masculine and trans-feminine people) — is rare. You can count the brands actively engaged in body positive, LGBTQIA+-inclusive representation on one hand. We are fighting an uphill battle.” Bluestocking opened in April 2015, and Kadec tells me that she came up with the idea while sitting on her porch drinking beer with a friend.”I remember asking, ‘Why isnt there a lingerie store for queers? Like, a store where anyone can walk in and feel safe and secure and accepted and not judged because of their body or their gender identity, where you could walk in with your partner and not have to worry. Doesnt a store like that exist?’ she notes. “Turns out a store like that  exist. Within 72 hours, I had a domain name and a Twitter handle.”

Although Kadec is now a fashion entrepreneur, her background is as an academic in English Literature and gender and sexuality studies. She jokes about how this just means that she brings more Audre Lorde quotes to the table, but it’s clear that there’s a consciousness behind her business.

All of the brands carried by Bluestockings must provide detailed information about their manufacturing conditions and labor practices in order to make sure they fit with the brand’s commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing. The brand is  size inclusive. The Bluestockings size range goes from XS to 4X, depending on the product and varying by bra, underwear, or loungewear. This focus on ethical and inclusive inventory means the boutique also stocks items like Nubian Skin, designed specifically for women of color, and gender-affirming items such as binders and packing briefs.

“What’s really different about Bluestockings is the queer-inclusive, intersectional feminist ethos,” says Kadec. “We use gender-inclusive pronouns. We have discreet shipping. We only stock ethically manufactured items. We show our lingerie on a diverse range of models. You can go to our blog and read about homophobia in the lingerie industry. That’s pretty different.”

***Of course, I wanted to ask Kadec if this shoot was something we can expect to see more variations of in the future from Bluestockings. As a designer myself, her answer really hit home.

“Obviously, I would love to,” she says. “There isn’t enough imagery like this in the world, and I firmly believe that we need more. But the limitation is that photo shoots are prohibitively expensive, which is why it took me four months to scrap together the money for this one. Ultimately, businesses are not services — we have to make money in order to keep our doors open, let alone put together badass, queer-inclusive photo shoots.”

What Kadec silk slip lingerie is hitting on is something I’ve heard a lot in the plus size industry as well: You cannot demand representation and not support the businesses that listen. This is one of those times when a cliche like “money talks” seems all too relevant. If you want to see more representation, please put your dollars towards brands like Bluestockings that put representation into practice.

My Emotional Journey To Wearing Lingerie And Why My Fears Had Nothing To Do With Body Image

When you are on silk slip lingerie your self love journey, images can be so powerful. I always admired gorgeous plus size women in lingerie but thought, “That’s not for me.” This feeling of discomfort had nothing to do with my size. I’ve worn a bikini publicly many times and even been published in a magazine wearing one. But while lingerie shows almost exactly the same amount of skin as a bikini, it’s the purpose of the lingerie that made me uneasy.

As a designer, I am an advocate for inclusivity and have focused heavily on making body chains at every size. I’ve made it a point to show that body chains can be worn with swimwear or just an everyday outfit. But there’s another element to body chains that I haven’t necessarily talked about much — because like lingerie, it didn’t feel safe for me to personally acknowledge the sexual nature of body chains.

I remember the first time it was pointed out to me that some people saw body chains as only for the bedroom. It was at a festival and I had my mom helping me run my vendor booth. My mom is a true salesperson. She tried to sell everyone and their mama a body chain. And the reactions to this 50-something year-old woman selling such a progressive fashion item were certainly mixed.

Some simply rejected the idea of wearing a body chain altogether and others liked it but didn’t feel like it was for them. But what struck me most was people saying, “I’m not into .” Despite their judgmental tone, I wanted to tell them how I designed them for everything but “that.” But thinking about it for too long just made me uneasy.

As someone who has been plus size most of my life, I had insecurities about my body growing up. I went through puberty in the fourth grade, which made me feel extremely isolated from the other kids my age. In middle school, I lost a lot of weight, but even though I had dropped nearly six dress sizes, I felt worse than ever. Throughout all of my struggles with self worth, I never once changed how I dressed. I wore what I wanted to wear at all times. As I began to feel physically uncomfortable in jeans, I started wearing mini skirts and never looked back. Even when I felt worthless as a person, fashion was always the one thing I could feel good about.

silk slip lingerie

When I started dating in high school, my insecurities about not being good enough or feeling worthy of love kept me mostly at a distance from people. As I gradually gained back the weight I had lost and then some by college, I was completely convinced that I was unloveable. And in my mind, this loneliness and isolation were not about how I looked, but more about who I felt I .

I remember the first time I wore lingerie: I was probably 20 years old. I remember how significant it felt for me and how traumatic it was when it didn’t seem to matter to the person I was with that I was wearing it. I had no insecurities about how I looked in this lingerie. I foolishly thought the lingerie would make him see me as someone worth loving. But I didn’t see myself as someone worth loving and no amount of lingerie would change that.

Fashion was something I did for me, but lingerie was something I thought I had to do for someone else. By the time I entered into my first serious relationship, I was 21. I was mostly still scarred from my first experience with lingerie and didn’t really feel comfortable testing the waters again. I also didn’t really feel like I had to use this method as a means to prove my worth. My partner made it very clear to me from that beginning of our relationship that my body type was his ideal. But nothing else about me felt good enough for him or anyone else. He had his own insecurities about his worth and combining that with mine made our relationship a constant struggle.

When it finally ended, I felt like all my fears about being unloveable came true. And since I was pretty confident about the fact that I was physically attractive, I started casually dating anyone who would take my mind off of how terrible I really felt on the inside. And only a few months after my traumatic breakup, I was raped by one of the people I was dating.

I ignored what had happened for months. I never dealt with the trauma because I didn’t want to admit to myself what had happened. But even with that denial, dating and especially sex didn’t feel safe. As I tried to navigate dating, sex seemed like the only thing anyone wanted from me, and I felt constantly uncomfortable being seen as sexy. When I would try to express this uneasiness to my partners, they didn’t seem to understand. I was even told that I was a “sex symbol” and because of my hourglass shape that my “body was made for sex.”

Lingerie felt like something that women wore who were proud and comfortable being sexy. I felt like lingerie wasn’t possible for someone like me, who still mostly felt afraid in sexual contexts. I kept my experience secret from everyone, including the people I dated. I didn’t want to give them another reason to find me unloveable. My fears and discomfort caused many of the people in my life to write me off as being “crazy” and to this day, this is a label that will hurt me more than a word like “fat” ever did. “Crazy” felt like validation that I was not worthy of love.

Through therapy and a lot of exercises in self love, I began to work through the feelings surrounding my sexual trauma. I had to learn that it wasn’t my fault and that it wasn’t a reflection of my self worth. And in the process, I started to unpack the old feelings from my childhood that planted this seed in my head that love was for other people and not for me.

Lingerie still felt scary but I started to get more comfortable telling my partners up front that I was working through feelings related to sexual trauma. Some of the guys I dated wrote me off immediately because of it. But this rejection was different; instead of seeing it an indication of my self worth, I began to feel grateful that people who were not a good match for me saw themselves out.

I finally learned that it was completely reasonable to expect that my partner respect my comfort levels and move at a pace that felt safe for me. I remember telling my current partner for the first time about my past, and his reaction struck me. He made it clear that my trauma wasn’t something he had to learn to deal with and it wasn’t a burden to him as I had always been told before. He expressed genuine empathy. He recognized that I would need time to feel safe around him and unlike a lot of my partners, he didn’t make me feel guilty for that or take it personal. And most importantly, he stressed that sex was not necessary

I would be lying if I said I am now completely OK and that finding an understanding partner made all of my fears completely disappear. It’s still hard sometimes to express my boundaries or feel valid for needing them. Comments made by men on Instagram about my body still trigger me. And as much as I try to explain why I see these comments as harassment, certain people will always feel like I should be flattered by them.

But writing this and taking these photos is about  My body is not made for sex. My body is mine. And I am worthy. I wanted to celebrate finally finding comfort in that. While I certainly could have picked lingerie that was more overtly sexy, I had to wear something that felt right for me. I picked the lace tulip balconette bra and the essential boyshort from Curvy Couture. I paired it with my favorite body chain from my most recent collection, The Nicki Caged Body Chain. I added a vintage blue robe that made me feel as devastatingly beautiful as Blanche Devereaux. And the whole look made me feel comfortable because for the first time, I wore it for .

I no longer silk slip lingerie look at lingerie (or love, for that matter) as something that’s for “everyone but me.” I had to learn that I can be sexy and still keep my humanity. I had to learn that I am not defined by my experiences. It’s been an emotional journey to self love, but it’s something that I make sure I work at every day because I realize that the most important relationship I’ll ever have is with myself.